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Weight loss

Out goal is to prepare and acquaint the patient with all possibilities and methods of obtaining the best effects in the weight loss process. Each patient coming for hydrocolonotherapy procedures obtains complete information about the large intestine cleansing process as well as necessary information on how to take care of the large intestine.

BMI Measurement

Each overweight person must have BMI tested with the aid of a special device (Body Mass Index). This test is very important because it shows what type of weight problem we are dealing with.

  • BMI – from 20 to 25 indicates that our weight is appropriate, of course, it is much better when the result is closer to 20.
  • BMI – from 35 to 30 indicates that a person is overweight.
  • BMI – over 30 indicates that a person is heavily overweight.

Measurement of body fat

This measurement is very important. It is done with an electronic device which indicates the percentage of fat in the body in a fast and precise way, and it will also indicate its influence on our health.

Development of a weight loss program

One of the essential elements in the development of a weight loss program is obtaining complete information from the patient. It involves favourite meals, life style and habits. Therefore we have prepared a set of questions that will allow us to develop a precise program, which will allow the person to get a good figure.

Consultation concerning proper nutrition

It is important for each patient to obtain information about proper nutrition. The purpose of the consultation is to provide information about products that contribute to excess weight and those that improve our metabolism. Each patient obtains a specially developed list of products that can be consumed daily, once or twice a week and the products that should be eliminated. During the weight loss process it is important to consume products with low glycemic index. Therefore each patient receives a list containing products with low as well as high glycemic index. Becoming acquainted with these values is very helpful in the weight loss process and in maintaining a good figure.