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300 square meters - surface area of our intestines

The colon
The conviction that health begins with the intestines has been shared by medics of all cultures and ages. It must have been intuition, thus being ahead of the scientific knowledge about the functioning of the human body by hundreds and even thousands of years. In his treaties Hippocrates, the genius father of medicine, stressed the need and importance of proper cleaning of the large intestine as early as in the 5th century BC.
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Diseases of the large intestine

The large intestine is very susceptible to stress and it is subject to stress almost every day. The colon is the last section of the gastrointestinal tract, where all the remains of undigested food gather. It is the habitat of approximately 35 types of toxins which are very dangerous to health. Dysfunctions of large intestine, constipations or diarrhoea, all contribute to the formation of stercolith on the walls of the large intestine.
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